Wiring Harness

ARVINDIA has comprehensive expertise in complete wire harness solutions for aerospace, defense, solar industry etc.

Electronic Systems

ARVINDIA supports programming platforms,software integration with h/w and developing electronic circuits..

Development Support

ARVINDIA is the single point of contact and provides a complete solution for customized products.


ARVINDIA give backhand support to his customer in the form of kitting solutions and reduce the lead time.

Reverse Engineering

Analysis of the product, creation of documents and produce prototype with the recent material.

Distribution & Trading

Connectors & adapters, Wires & Cables, Harness Protection, Insulation Material, any raw Material of Renewable Energy

We provide high quality services & innovative solutions for the reliable growth


ARVINDIA has comprehensive expertise in customize solutions, including engineering and manufacturing for the aerospace & defense, Home Appliance, Locomotive .


Free consultancy support for existing customers.


Customize product according to client needs.

Business Services

We have warehouse facility on the behalf of customer.

Reverse Engineering

Enhance reusability of product.